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Idler Arm Braces (IFS-98-05)

Custom made in house, these steering Idler Arm Braces help reinforce what is perhaps the weakest point of the Toyota IFS steering system. 

Bent idler arms can result in tracking issues and strange handling, Very bent or broken arms will render a truck undrivable, Bent Idler arms cannot be sorted by tracking or wheel alignment.

Prevention is the best cure!

Diff Breather Kits

Differentials and gearboxes contain oil,  but also air. As these components warm and cool the expanding and condensing air must be able to breath. So all of these components have whats called a breather. 

However when fording or driving in deep mud/water the breather can become fully submerged, as the diff cools from the water it draws in air, With the breather underwater, water/dirt can be sucked into the diff. Obviously this contaminates oil and bearings and drastically shortens the life of the diff. 

Extended breather pipes solve this issue buy venting the breathing of the diff to a high point such as under a bonnet or inside a snorkel (if fitted)

Hilux 98-05 rear disc conversion (non ABS)

Drum brakes are not the most efficient brakes, And when submerged can fill up with mud/sand/water/grit and all sorts of other nastiness. 

Our rear disc conversion allows fitment of FORD TRANSIT calipers and PAJERO discs to the hilux axle. Whilst keeping a cable handbrake. 

Note: the existing backplates must be pressed (or cut/ground off) to use these brackets, We would recommend changing your rear wheel bearings whilst doing this work as the axle is apart already. Some other mods may be required. Installation is recommended by a professional mechanic. These brackets are not road tested / approved by law and may not be suitable for road use, we take no responsibility for using them on the public highway. They are sold for off road use only. 

More coming soon

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